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resimercial design: teleworking style

If Resimercial Design was a reality at digital companies headquarters, the boom of teleworking will turn it to be more resi than mercial. Covid 19 lockdown is about to force us all to integrate this style in our homes. ( post in spanish)

Resimercial Design: digital age style

While until very recently it was considered just a trend, Resimercial Design turned to be officially a new style at NeoCon 50th anniversary in 2018. It is the result of combining the aesthetic concepts of residential and the commercial interior design. Comfort to promote wellness spaces and improve employees health.

resimercial design millennials tech companies microsoft google uber
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digital native interior design

Millennials and Gen Zers owning and working at new young tech companies, look for different ways of life and work, and on the way, change the world. Digital technologies, allowing labour from anywhere, make flexibility the «always on» generation main feature. A lifestyle erasing borders between private and social, brings homey feel to embrace business casual.

not just image

Google, Facebook, Uber or Microsoft…. were some of the pioneers to implement Resimercial Design into their working places. All sorts of unusual components started to be part of those interiors. Bright and shiny colours and playful elements to create sensation of positivity. But not only it began as a question of image. The real goals focused on comfort and wellness spaces. Work environments where to stay calm and keep employees on board.

improving interior design

A main feature of Resimercial Design is the implementation of interior design psychology. Aware of how environment affects on individuals behaviour and attitude, companies invest on it. The performance of a space considerably improves wellbeing, with the direct consequence of growth of productivity and creativity. Millennials social awareness expands beyond the building, sustainability must reach workers as well.

resimercial design furniture
Interior design OptimInteriors

flexible Resimercial Design

Flexibility versus 60’s offices static concept. Versatile elements and furniture to keep moving. Easily removable enclosures to mutate spaces according to the needs. Individual booths as private oasis in the open plan, where to combine coworking and privacy. Owner free workstations with standing high desk. Conference room tables with height adjustability. Chairs adapting to a variety of users and use, to change on the fly from focused to collaborative work. All, to avoid doze at work.

wellbeing and health

Long hours at the office are more pleasant, and productive, in a good atmosphere. Human scale created intelligent workspaces profiting from natural light, views, ventilation and from, the often forgotten, acoustic comfort. Manufacturers continue to design and deliver ceilings and snowsound panels, fibers and fabrics to deaden sound and reverberation. Sustainable better, if you please.

a boom in teleworking

Covid 19 pandemic forced us all to lockdown. Telework has been imposed even in economic sectors where it was apparently impossible to. Many workers may now prefer to carry out their activity on remote. Better a fresh start instead of a waste of time on traffic jams each labour day. Mobility reduction will consequently also benefit environment and individuals economy.

more resi than mercial

This new style started first at the companies headquarters, it seems that Resimercial Design will have to be applied in our homes. In most cases, it will be necessary to reorganize rooms, adapting existing elements. For further improvement, the use of versatile furniture and well designed lighting will be needed, giving the possibility to make ambivalent spaces.

The «scandinavian» trend, invader of most furniture stores, seems to be the winner in both residencial and commercial spaces. In any case, Resimercial Design at homes will certainly get a more personal touch, leading the style to be even more Eclectic. Mix and Match of old and new, also in the conceptual. Let´s just remember how middle ages housing combined work and living in a same space. Basically to optimize resources.

a new Renaissance maybe?

This new human wants to leave behind God of consumerism and look for new horizons. Sapiens of Neo Renaissance trying to adapt to the huge technological revolution that is just starting. A comparable moment to the one, witness of the invention of printing. It democratized knowledge, and was the germ of revolutions that ended up with many absolutisms. Digital Age shakes pillars of industrialisation. Cities pretend to become smart and be the solution after causing the problems.

A global movement wishing to repair and build a sustainable future. The best way to predict it, is creating it today

a working corner in a mini space at home

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